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Zombie/Autopilot/Election Day

November 2, 2010
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I’ve been exhausted the last few days.  I’ve been sucking down caffeine constantly and I just can’t wake up.  I’m living in zombie-ville.  I’m here but … nobody is quite home.  I don’t know where this exhaustion is coming from.  I took a sick day yesterday just to sleep, so why am I still tired?

What is funny is despite this overall exhaustion, this sheer feeling of not quite knowing what is going on, I’m accomplishing things.  Thank god for autopilot I suppose.  You get so used to doing things that somehow you do it without knowing you are doing it.  The human mind is an amazing thing.  I’m trying to get out of this funk today, but I’m failing miserably.  I feel like I’m even writing through a fog, trying to throw something together to kill time, but not sure what I’m writing or how it will come out or if I will even publish it.

Whoa … I’ve been in such a fog … I forgot today was election day.  Good thing we vote by mail in ballot.  Of course though I read my ballot and knew who and what I was going to vote for a few weeks ago.  I only filled out my ballot last night and just now remembered to stuff it in the mail during a quick break from work.  I’m lucky in several ways this election year …

  1. I don’t have TV so I missed out on all of the fun hate ads (you know the kind I mean “He’s a pro-baby raping terrorist who doesn’t support family values” and such).
  2. I don’t live in the bible belt any more so my vote may actually count
  3. I don’t live in the bible belt
  4. I had time to investigate and read about the propositions and candidates.

What do I look for when I vote for candidates, well what’s cool about Washington state is they send this nifty voter handout with your ballot, and it gives you background info and statements from each candidate.  I tend to be snobbish and the first thing I look at is education.  I love to see what degrees these people have and where they went to school.  I will admit, I’m an asshole and I won’t vote for Joe Blow who graduated from community college and worked on his daddy’s extremely profitable ranch.  That doesn’t show me that Joe Blow is a very independent or industrious person.  Feel free to disagree with me here.  I also have a soft spot for teachers.  Not sure why I feel this way, maybe if you can teach young people to read and do math, you can do alright in government.  Probably a bullshit opinion, but it is mine.

When I read candidate statements I hate it when all they do is say what the other person is doing wrong or will do wrong.  I like to hear what you will do right.  The other thing I look for in candidates is who is sponsoring that person.  If you are being sponsored by Citibank … I’m probably not going to vote for you.  If the firefighters are endorsing/sponsoring you … you have a better chance.  Wow … I think I sound like a bit of a hippie.

Enough election talk … just trying to wake myself up out of this horrid fog … it is kind of working.

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