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Personal Pet Peeve – The Elevator

November 3, 2010

Elevator - The Shining

I ABSOLUTELY hate it when someone feels the need to take the elevator from the first floor to the second floor.  This act shows pure laziness to me, especially when we have escalators in the building that go to all of the floors, but the basement.

Let me clarify, we have  ESCALATORS (not just stairs) that function in our building!  I’m not complaining when it is a person on crutches or a person carrying a heavy box getting on the elevator. But the kind of person who is too lazy to take five extra steps from the elevator door to the escalator to go down the damn thing one flight.  The type of person who would rather stand and wait and vegetate in front of the elevator door instead of walk to the escalator and be done with their trip.  Yep that’s the type of person I’m bitching about.

I take the elevator two times a day and that is when I am coming into work and leaving work.  I go up four flights from the basement/garage.  I hate having to stop on every floor because of people who can’t grasp the fundamental concept of taking an escalator which involves as little exercise and effort as the elevator feel the need to stop on every single floor.  These people usually have no reason to be on the elevator other than utter laziness and that drives me insane.  I hate that kind of laziness in people and that disregard for other people.  I don’t like being shoved into a small box with lazy and fat (let’s be real if you aren’t willing to take even the escalator you are probably a larger individual) people.

I am hardly an athletic person, but most of the time I don’t even take the escalator, I take those antiquated things called the stairs.

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