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I’m Folding Paper

November 4, 2010

Image by PhillipWest via Flickr

It’s true I’m folding paper today.  Though not the cool origami style as shown in the picture to your right.  I’m just folding pieces of paper in half.  At least they are fliers I designed? Work is sooo boring today I was even able to disappear for two hours and no one missed me. I left work today for two hours with no explanation to anyone, just a note on my desk.  I went home to play video games and hang out with my cats.


My Cats Hanging Out

It’s pretty sad when you are not missed at work at all.  I’m only important in short bursts and usually those bursts occur during my off hours.  Then I get the joy of working nights and weekends.

The entire reason I created this blog in the first place was to occupy my time during the long slow hours.  Today I played hooky from work and folded some paper.  OH HOW VERY EXCITING. I wish it was.

My perpetual work dilemma is that I thrive on challenges, excitement, and even a little stress.  I like having a bit of pressure and a stream of projects.  I enjoy being busy at work and having mental challenges.  I do not enjoy busy work that I created for myself, such as folding paper.  I get it so easy at my job that I do count my blessings, BUT at the same time the ease turns to boredom which turns to an almost complete dislike.  The conundrum is do I sit back and just enjoy the easy boring life or do I go out and find the challenge I desire.  I keep trying to get challenges in this current job because I sincerely like the people I work with, but the boredom factor makes me hate this place on days like today.

When I’m working at 9pm tonight because someone has last minute work to do, maybe I’ll change my mind about the challenges.

Until that time, I’m just staring off in space in boredom-ville.


Boredom Incarnate


Update — As suspected I did end up having to work the evening … So for those worried that I was a time stealer … here is the thing if I hadn’t worked this evening I wouldn’t have charged my time playing with my cats … since I did work the evening and 3 extra hours at that I was covered and then some.  By the way … why was I bored all day and then had to work after my normal schedule?

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  1. November 11, 2010 1:01 pm

    I hear ya. Most of my job is just cut and paste… I normally have Hulu open on my other monitor (I have two) just to keep my brain from running off and committing suicide.

    • November 12, 2010 9:24 am

      “just to keep my brain from running off and committing suicide.” … that’s a beautiful statement … I try and read books during the slow times … keep my brain active as best I can.

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