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Paper Recycling Bin – It’s Not Complicated

November 5, 2010
Paper recycling bin

Image by Demos via Flickr

When you see a paper recycling box at work, what do you think of putting in it?

  1. Paper – Correct
  2. Used paper towels – WRONG
  3. Pieces of plastic – WRONG
  4. Cardboard – WRONG
  5. Something not made of paper – WRONG
  6. Used Kleenex – WRONG
  7. Wrappers – WRONG

These are all items I have found in the paper only recycling box.  Thank god I haven’t found gum.  I put the recycling box next to our printer, because before I did this people would literally drop printed copies they didn’t want on the floor or leave them laying on the printer.  By the end of the day the area around our printer would look like a trash heap.  So I tried to encourage recycling.  The system actually caught on, with the minor exception of some people not understanding the difference between a recycling box and a trash can.

I just don’t understand why some people can’t figure out what the recycling bin is for or are they just too lazy to walk to the trash can?  If people are really this lazy at work – I wonder what their houses look like?  I shudder to think?  Is this really laziness or is it apathy?  Maybe they don’t care and think to themselves “someone else will take care of this for me” and of course someone does.  Our society is used to that though.  Why bother trying and reading the rules … if we mess up … someone will come along and clean up our mess.  Maybe if we just opened our eyes and payed attention to the signs and rules and simple requests and not through crap in with the paper recycling things would work better for all.

Life lessons based on a recycling bin at work … sometimes you can learn something when you are bored.

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