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Friday Afternoon Blues

November 12, 2010

I’m suffering from the Friday afternoon blues.

Eternal Clock by Robert Van Der Steeg

You know that period after lunch and before you get off work where everything seems to slow down?  That’s the Friday afternoon blues.  I suffer from the school aged child syndrome where I stare at the clock waiting for it to hit the magical number that tells me I can go home.  That time when you are waiting desperately to go home but know you can’t is for me my Friday afternoon blues.  I’m restless and fidgety and trying to feel motivated and energized, but all I can think of is it’s Friday.  My mind is wandering and I have two and a half hours to go, but I’m done with my major projects and am waiting.  I’m simply waiting for now.  Sooo for now … I’m daydreaming about the weekend and trying to make the best of things …

What am I going to do this weekend?  I don’t know.  So why am I so desperate for it?  The answer is because I will have those two days full of time for me.  I will have time to do as I please.  Is this selfish?  Yes.  I am allowed to beselfish at times.

To pass the time I am going to list some of the things I may do this weekend:

  1. Read a book (see my reading list for what I am reading)
  2. Watch movies until late at night
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Drive to the Cascades
  5. Go to Island County
  6. Veg out at home
  7. Do a full cleaning of the entire house
  8. Play video games until late at night
  9. Write more blogs
  10. Read more blogs
  11. Skype my friends/family
  12. Take photographs
  13. Play with my cats
  14. Go grocery shopping
  15. Cook something special/new
  16. Bake cookies

The list above is in no certain order and I may end up doing none of it.  I’m just dreaming about what I’d like to do, while staring out the window waiting for the day to end.

What I do  not want to do this weekend:

  1. Work
  2. Get in any arguments
  3. Nothing at all
  4. Be Bored
  5. Stare blankly at the computer
  6. Waste my time
  7. Stare out the window wishing I could do something
  8. Let the weekend go by too fast (wishful thinking)

I still have an hour left … I’m still watching the clock carefully … but I feel calmer having put together a list of ideas for the weekend.

I’ll leave with some pictures I took of the things I was thinking about …


Island County





















Watching Movies


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