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The Best Boredom Busting Website – Project Gutenberg

November 16, 2010
Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

When I’m not writing in here to escape the dull dreary slow days, I’m on  Project Gutenberg .  It  is open on my computer almost 24/7.  I love being able to read free fine literature to pass the time.  I’ve read books from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Thus Spake Zarathustra (well I’m still reading the latter).  You can even read these books that are out of copyright on your phone.  This website has been a great help for the slow days AND now I’ve discovered I can volunteer on there too.  My boredom is getting yet another nemesis, named Distributed Proofreaders.  I can go in and proofread pages that have been uploaded, OCR-ed, and are being turned into e-books for the general populace.  I love proofing as it keeps my mind active, especially early in the morning when the day is insanely slow moving.

I may still be bored throughout the day … I may still suffer from the pangs of inactivity … BUT thanks to Project Gutenberg my day has a little bit of spice in it … suffers from a little less stress.


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