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Over the Precipice …

November 18, 2010
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Hand I'm bored

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I am bored, disinterested, dulled, fatigued, inattentive, sick and tired, spiritless, turned off, disenchanted, disentranced, indifferent, unexcited, uninterested, wearied …

Sometimes I am so bored, I can’t be bothered to do anything.  I flip through every website, look at reading material stare out the window, listen to conversations, and nothing (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) can satisfy the boredom bug.

Today I reached that point,  I got to the sheer brink of pure boredom (maybe at that point I had gone beyond being bored).  I found myself staring at the computer screen and not really seeing the computer screen.  Everything in my range of vision was out of focus and my mind was blank for those few minutes.  Today I had nothing to do and had felt as though I had exhausted all of my resources for the time.  I’m back from that precipice now and ready to resume my normal boredom fighting and go back to keeping my mind occupied, but I am disturbed that I let myself get so bored.

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