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Too Distracted to Read

November 19, 2010
Day 14 - Visual Representation of a Reading List

Image by margolove via Flickr

I love my books … I have a bunch in my queue to read right now … BUT … I can’t seem to be able to read them.The last several weeks for some reason I have felt like I have been too distracted or anxious or fidgety or short attention spanned to read my books.  I don’t understand this.  I love curling up with a good book, but lately my mind won’t focus.  I don’t know if it is stress or dissatisfaction or boredom with things that are making it so difficult to just sit down and devour a good book.

My life right now feels both immensely hectic and slow at the exact same time … it is a very odd sensation.

I am craving the peace and serenity of those quiet moments I get to myself when I am reading, but I can’t seem to settle down and relax enough to take them.  When you go to my reading list right now it looks like a ghost town … that is not like me … not at all.  It makes me depressed to see an empty list, when I have so many good books at my fingertips and within reach at home.  My patience with everything I do lately is very limited.  I will start one project and I have to jump to something else very quickly or else I get an overwhelming sense of extreme listlessness and disinterest.  I wish I could stop this feeling.  My mind is go go go … when I really want to settle down with a hot cup of tea and tell it to relax and enjoy an engrossing story and to let it and my body just calm down and relax.

I am hoping I can relax and enjoy my book or perhaps books this weekend as the mood should be just right for reading.  This weekend:

  1. I will have the house to myself (and the 3 cats of course).
  2. it is supposed to snow (which makes everything feel quieter).
  3. I will have the cozy chair all to myself (and the 3 cats of course).
  4. I am not going to work. (I promise)

I am hoping that I can cuddle up on my cozy chair with the 3 cats in my quiet house with the snow falling outside and read to my hearts content this weekend.  I just have to figure out how to de-clutter my mind and let myself enjoy the weekend.  Here’s hoping I can do this and enjoy it and get back into reading (which I miss terribly).


Snowfall a Few Years Ago

Snowfall a Few Years Ago

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