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A Snowy Monday

November 22, 2010
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It didn’t snow over the weekend like it was predicted — but it’s snowing today!  I’m at work and the snow fall out the window is nearly hypnotic to stare at.  I’m both sad and glad that I live close to work.  I’m sad because I have no excuse to leave early and glad because well I have no need to leave work early.  Of course I’m not worried about the snowfall as a danger in my drive home.  Just the drivers in the great state of Washington.

The WA motorist fears the snowflake as though it was the atom bomb.  As the snowflake comes crashing down from the sky all hell breaks loose.   All feet instinctively go to the brakes, vehicles begin thudding to a stop, people crawl out of their vehicles covering their heads and moaning in sheer panic as the sky begins to fall.  They are certain chaos and death are at hand.  Or so it seems trying to drive down the interstate on a snowy day in Washington.

On an aside — I am proud of myself as I did finally get past my reading block and read a book over the weekend.  It was a rather underwhelming and rushed book (Conversations With the Devil), but I was just happy to have felt calm and relaxed enough to sit down and read through an entire book without distractions.

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  1. November 26, 2010 3:03 pm

    It’s funny that people out in Washington are nervous drivers when it comes to snow. I would have thought it’s an often enough occurrence for them to be used to it. Here in CT people have no qualms about speeding through snow, but when it rains, everyone is freaking out. Go figure.

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