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Cabin Fever

November 23, 2010

Snowfall Early PM Monday

I’m a homebody at heart.  I like hanging out at home.  Today due to the cold weather and treacherous roads and drivers I was forced to stay at home.  Something about being forced to stay at home made me snap.  All of a sudden there were a million things I needed/wanted to do outside of the house.  I began pacing the house like a caged animal, whereas on any normal day I would have been just lounging about the house enjoying a relaxing day at home.  What is it about knowing you can’t do something that makes you want to do it so badly?  Just knowing something is off limits makes it all the more appealing.  What could I possibly do on a snowy icy day like today?  I couldn’t even think of anything to do if I could have gone somewhere.  The only place I really needed to go was work, which I did from home.  It was just the thought that I couldn’t escape that made being at home like being in prison.  Usually being at home is a fine way to spend my day.  I read or watch movies and generally enjoy myself, but today I could get no enjoyment out of being at home.  This same knowledge that something that is normally allowed is all of a sudden off limits can truly drive a person crazy.  So what did I do today?   I paced the house and wished I wasn’t home.  I don’t care what the weather is like tomorrow, I’m going to work.  Obviously even a homebody can get cabin fever when she knows she has no escape route.

The snow really wasn’t that bad – it’s just a distrust of  drivers and the parking lot where I live.  Also it was very cold for a November day in the Puget Sound.

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