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Thoughts on Act of Redemption by C.C. Cole

March 29, 2011

Act of Redemption

Act of Redemption by C.C. Cole is the first book of the Gastar Series and I am very glad that there are more books to come.  The story is a fantasy novel taking place in a world where demons are overrunning humanity.  It follows a teenage assassin Shevata and three men who are brought back from a previous time to help fight a battle against the demons of Hell. 

Cole creates a universe that draws the reader in.  Warriors, dragons, and half-demon half-humans are all things the reader is introduced to while reading this book.  The elements of the story are well laid out though I feel a prequel would be very fitting to explain some of the events hinted at in this tale.

All of the characters were extremely likable and though the book was short I felt they were adequately developed.  The main character Shevata was by far my favorite.  It is always a treat to find a strong female lead character in a novel and Cole did not let us down in the creation of the assassin and demon killer Shevata.  She is battle hardened and has been altered by her experiences, but still has emotional insecurities and desires.  She is an extremely loyal character as well as an incredible fighter.

The style of this novel is reminiscent of the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels I have read in the past.  It is a brand new and well created world, which some writers have difficulty with but C.C. Cole doesn’t.  I only wish I had more background knowledge of some of the wars and demons.  I feel more development of this would make me fall more in love with the world.  I am hoping the next novel Children of Discord will continue with more of the background and history of the world.

The best imagery in this book comes with descriptions of Hell and the demons.  There were so many demonic forms in this novel and all of them were so imaginative.

“Larger snake-like monsters with the heads of women slithered about the underground dwelling.  The sound of them hissing and moving their tails, which were tipped with quivering rattles, filled the large chamber.  They carried large, curved daggers in their hands, with arms resembling those of humans.”

Overall this was a book that drew me in immediately and carried me away into a new and different world.  I think this is a great book for those who like fantasy novels.

I received this book from the author to review.  For more information on C.C. Cole, The Gastar Series, and Act of Redemption go HERE.

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