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Thoughts on The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Bullington

April 12, 2011

The Enterprise of Death (Goodreads)

The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Bullington is essentially a tale of necromancy.  It was easy to find myself enraptured by this book.  The plot is simple: a slave finds herself apprenticed to an evil necromancer.  The necromancer places a curse on said slave.  Slave is able to roam free from the necromancer and becomes a necromancer herself.  She must now find a way to break the curse.

The characters are what make this a brilliant book to read.  Each character you meet has a unique personality and are written with an individual voice.  They easily come to life off of the page.  There are many facets of character types in this novel from the dead (lots of dead personalities) to the female mercenary to the insane doctor to the general practicing prostitute.  Awa, the main character, meets all of these characters on her journeys.  Awa herself is a complex character dealing with many issues, including her own sexuality.

The language used in the book could at times be rather coarse and if you don’t like a lot of swear words then this is not a book for you.  However, I felt the language went with the flow of the book rather well.  The swear words were used by mercenaries and so it seemed appropriate.  Some of the characters included their own dialects in the novel and that too went well with each character and flowed nicely.

“‘We’re leavin,’ said Monique. ‘An where we go ain’t concern of man, beast, nor nuthin betwist’em.'”

The elements of necromancy in the book were interesting.  At times the results of the powers could be shocking and at other times the results came out comical.  There is a good mix of comedy and shock in this novel.  Most of the book read as a comedy, but there were times when it was almost a tragedy.  The ability of making the reader both laugh and cry and at times shout “oh no” at the action was a successful tactic by Bullington.  It made reading this book both fun and exciting.  As a reader, I rarely knew what to expect next when I turned the page.

I do think the ending of the book was a little disappointing.  However, that shouldn’t take away from the fun had throughout reading the novel, because up until the ending the action and adventure was great.

Overall, though this is a book that isn’t for everyone, the readers it is for will have great fun and a lot of emotions when reading The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Bullington.

I received this book from NetGalley.

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