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A Few Words on Children of Discord by C.C. Cole

May 10, 2011

Children of Discord (Goodreads)

Children of Discord is the second book of the Gastar series.  It reintroduces Shevata, the protagonist from Act of Redemption.  Shevata is an ageless assassin, who appears to be a teenage girl.  She is a tough and hard fighting character.  Cole does an excellent job at creating the tough as nails character of Shevata.

In Act of Redemption the world was overrun by demons — this threat has been resolved and a new threat has taken its place — the threat of the undead.  Vampires are causing fear and destruction.  One other character has been introduced from the previous book and that Goldeon, the antagonist, and another ageless being who appears to be just a teenager.  Goldeon is a dangerous force in this book.

Cole continues her excellent world building skills with Children of Discord.  She even satisfied one of my previous complaints from the first book by providing an extensive bit of background information on Shevata and how she became who she is.

Though I am not a huge fan of vampires in my stories, they work well in this series of ever changing supernatural threats.  My favorite scenes are still those that occur in hell.  Cole continues to write Shevata in a way that makes her a good central character.   What makes her so memorable is her sarcastic and no nonsense attitudes.

For a short novel, Children of Discord continues the saga of the Gastar series and continues to introduce the reader to interesting characters as well as keep the most important ones intact.  Cole does an excellent job of creating this world and this is a book I would recommend to any who like fantasy novellas.

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