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Dragonflyy Takes a Longer Break from Dragonflyy419 Attempts to Combat Boredome & is Moving to Two New Blog Sites

If you are visiting this site, you will notice that I haven’t posted a blog since 2011. In 2011 I moved, changed jobs, and lost track of my much loved blog. In 2015 I was diagnosed with a rare chronic pain condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). To me one of the worst side effects of the illness has been losing my joy of reading books.

Dragonflyy419 Attempts to Combat Boredome is being officially set aside, so I can focus on my other blogs and because I can’t read many books right now.

Visit My New Blogs:

    I used to love reading and I read a lot. I loved it so much that I had a blog dedicated to books and even after I let my blog gather dust I still read all the time. Since my injury nearly two years ago, I haven’t been able to finish a single book. I used to be able to read a book in a day and I loved it. Between pain medications and the general feelings of ill I have now, I can’t concentrate on books. I read articles and blogs and generally any short written works, but books seem out of the question. How do I recapture that love and passion for the written word that I once had?

    Excerpt From Dragonflyy’s Journey – My blog dedicated to documenting my experiences with CRPS.